1. Well, time to visit Turkey. 

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    Calvin and Hobbes by Sean Gordon Murphy

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  3. Are You Ready? - Ben Howard

  4. It’s fall, y’all.


  5. "An understanding of the development of specific professions, and professionalism in general, can provide an approach to history, to the conflicts over technological and social change, to the responsibilities of different groups within society, to conceptions of work and occupations relative to other spheres of life. And a frank introduction to the professional’s civic responsibilities can provide a logical entry to many elements of liberal education, on that can be exploited through interdisciplinary and general education courses for professional students."
    — W. Norton Grubb & Marvin Lazerson, The Education Gospel: The Economic Power of Schooling
  6. penticton. street. art.

  7. Alaska, you are ridiculous.

  8. Chamerion angustifolium, the territorial flower of the Yukon. #fireweed #exploreyukon

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    alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine

    There is a moment about a minute and a half into alt-J’s lush and intricate new single, when the Miley Cyrus sample plays for the first time, and you can’t help but step back and appreciate the absurdity of it. It shouldn’t work, but of course it does, adding yet another layer to this strange bird of a song. Orchestral, eclectic, tense, and soft, ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ doesn’t come in like a wrecking ball, so much as a breath of fresh air. 

    After alt-J last teased us with a “joke” single, this is a much better indication of what we can expect when their sophomore album All This Is Yours drops September 22nd. 

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    1935 Hughes H-1 Racer

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  11. ant·ler
    one of the branched horns on the head of an adult (usually male) deer or similar animal, which are made of bone and are grown and cast off annually.

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  15. theyukonterritory:

    I think, though, that sometimes my heart is where my home is. 

    The perspective and appreciation I have been gaining from coming back to the Yukon this summer is a blessing. 

    My mind and body are happy here. 

    This is a good place. 

    I’m lucky to call it home.